Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia

    Indonesia’s commercial aviation history began when Indonesian people was in struggle to defend their independence. The first commercial flight from Calcutta to Rangoon was made on January 26, 1949, using a DC-3 Dakota aircraft with the tail number of “RI 001” and the name “Indonesian Airways”. In the same year, on December 28, 1949, another DC-3 aircraft registered as PK-DPD and painted with “Garuda Indonesian Airways” logo flew from Jakarta to Yogyakarta to pick up President Soekarno. This Was the first flight made under the name of Garuda Indonesian Airways. The name “Garuda” was given President Soekarno, which he quoted from a Dutch poem composed by a popular poets that time, Noto Soeroto; “Ik ben Garuda, Vishnoe’s vogel, die zijn vleugels uitslaat hoog bovine uw einladen”, meaning “I am Garuda, Vishnoe’s bird which spread its wing high above your archipelago”.

    Then, in a year later, in 1950, Garuda Indonesia officially became a state owned company. During that period, the company operated a fleet of 38 aircrafts comprising 22 DC-3, 8 Catalina flying boats, and 8 Convair 240. Garuda Indonesia’s fleet continued to grow, and eventually made its first flight to mecca carrying Indonesian hajj pilgrims in 1956. In 1965, the first flight to European countries started was made with Amsterdam as the final destination.


    Garuda Indonesia fleet and operations underwent large scale revitalization and restructuring throughout the 1980s. This prompted the Company to develop comprehensive training programs for its air and ground crews and established a dedicated training facility in West Jakarta, named the Garuda Indonesia Training Center.


    In Addition the Company also built an Aircraft Maintenance Center at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Then in the early 1990s, Garuda Indonesia developed a long-term growth strategy which was applied until the year 2000. The Company also continued to expand its fleet placing Garuda Indonesia among the 30 largest airlines of the world.


    Along with initiatives in business development in 2005, a new management team took office and formulated new plans for the future of the company. The new management undertook a comprehensive re-evaluation and overall restructuring with the objective improving operational efficiency, regained financial stability that involved efforts in debt restructuring, increased awareness among employees concerning the importance of service to customers and, most importantly, revived and revitalized the Garuda Indonesia spirit.


    The successful completion of the company’s debt restructuring program opened the way for Garuda Indonesia to go public on 11th February 2011. The company officially became a public company after the initial public offering of 6,335,738,000 shares. The company’s shares were listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on February 11, 2011 with code GIAA. This was one important milestone after the company completed the transformation on its business through hard work and dedication of all parties.


    Presenting a new level of service excellence in air travel, Garuda Indonesia, the national airline of Indonesia, seamlessly connects 83 destinations worldwide, including exotic locations in the beautiful archipelago of Indonesia all at once.

    With more than 600 daily flights and a fleet of 196 aircrafts by January 2017, Garuda Indonesia proudly serves its passengers with the award-winning distinct service “Garuda Indonesia Experience”, which highlights Indonesia’s warm hospitality and rich diverse culture.

    To provide better and more convenient services, Garuda Indonesia continuously strives through its ongoing transformation program. The progress of the transformation can be seen from the achievement of a Skytrax’s 5-star Airline rating as well as the winning of the prestigious “The World’s Best Cabin Crew” for four consecutive years in 2014 to 2017.

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